Part soul rock juggernaut, part support group. The basic premise: a big band, big grooves, big boots... oh and it helps if you're a dad to join.

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Ninety-Nine Pounds 5:17
A cover of the song Ninety-Nine Pounds by Ann Peebles.
Sinking Blues 3:08
Sinking Blues - From the EP, Viva Le Bad Dad.
Walkin' 3:54
Walkin' - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Trauma 3:59
Trauma - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Lion Toy 3:02
Lion Toy - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Want You 4:12
Want You - From our debut EP.
Acute Liver 03:23
Acute Liver - From our debut EP.
EP Release 2:04
A silly video to promote the release of the "Viva Le Bad Dad" EP.
Blues on Broadbeach Media Interview 0:36
An interview done by 3 dads after playing at Blues on Broadbeach 2019
Gig Photos
Many incredible memories with our fans at each gig. Check out our latest photos below.
All photo credits are in the file name of each image. Names are also listed in the about us section of this web page