Part soul rock juggernaut, part support group. The basic premise: a big band, big grooves, big boots... oh and it helps if you're a dad to join.

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Sinking Blues 3:08
Sinking Blues - From the EP, Viva Le Bad Dad.
Walkin' 3:54
Walkin' - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Trauma 3:59
Trauma - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Lion Toy 3:02
Lion Toy - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Acute Liver 03:23
Acute Liver - From our debut EP.
EP Release 2:04
A silly video to promote the release of the "Viva Le Bad Dad" EP.
Blues on Broadbeach Interview 0:36
An interview done by 3 dads after playing at Blues on Broadbeach 2019
Gig Photos
Many incredible memories with our fans at each gig. Check out our latest photos below.