The Bad Dad Orchestra are currently unsigned and self-managed in house.
The Bad Dad Orchestra are active on Social Media using Facebook, YouTube and Instagram regularly. The Bad Dad Orchestra can be contacted by email, Facebook Messenger, or through the websites contact form.
Who are the Dads?
A simple idea born of fatherhood, friendship and a love of music has flourished and taken shape, almost as far South as you can go.
Meet The Bad Dad Orchestra, a collective of nine dads, all of whom have played key roles in Tasmania’s vibrant music scene over the past decade (Guthrie, Bad Beef, Dublo, Box Money, The Devilrock Four, The Staunches, The Stayns, The Blackstone Dukes and Horehound – to name a few!), now basking in their inherent “dadness” and wowing audiences with a high-energy rock n' soul live experience.

The ‘Dads latest EP, “Viva Le Bad Dad”, unleashed in April of 2019, is a co-produced six track EP that captures the band’s raw musical strengths: big grooves, snappy horn lines and catchy-as-hell vocals. Critics have already likened their sound to that of “classic Australian pub rock with a modern twist” and championed their unique brand of eighteen-legged soul.
Career Highlights
Over 120 shows and 3 EPs since forming in 2015:
EP's 'Want You' (2016), 'Go and Ask Your Mother' (2017), 'Viva Le Bad Dad' (2019).
Album 'Live at Earl Arts (2022)
Extensive community radio and ABC regional radio play across Australia & New Zealand.

Recent supports include:
The Black Sorrows
Darryl Braithwaite & Taxi Ride
Kim Churchill
The Wolfe Brothers
3 separate releases:
Available on all streaming and download platforms.
Physical copies available from The Bad Dad Orchestra's shop, here
All recordings are engineered and mixed by studio producer, composer and musician Laurence Maddy.
Festival Shows
Since starting in 2015, The Bad Dad Orchestra have shot to the top of many great Festivals throughout Tasmania and Queensland.
Queenscliff Music Festival (VIC, Confirmed for 2021) Blues on Broadbeach (QLD, 2019)
Caloundra Music Festival (QLD, 2019, Confirmed for 2021)
Mojo Burning Festival (QLD, 2018)
AFL Semi-Final Show - Aurora Stadium (2021)
The Falls Festival - Marion Bay (2016/17, 2017/18, 2019/20)
Party in the Paddock (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
The Forth Valley Blues Festival (2018, 2019)
Hobart Blues and Brews Festival (2020, 2021)
Junction Arts Festival (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
The Taste of Tasmania (2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20)
Hobart Summer Festival (confirmed for 2021)
Tasmanian Wine Festival (2020)
Royal Eve (2016/17, 2017/18)
Festivale (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
The Inaugural Great Huon Valley Festival (2018)
Bruny Island Blues & Roots Festival (2018)
Bicheno Food & Wine Festival (2018)
Beer Fest (2016, 2019, Confirmed for 2021)
Interstate Tours
Interstate tour shows (April 2018) with assistance of The Harbour Agency, to Brisbane, Maroochydore, Kingscliff, New Town, Newcastle, Melbourne & Rye, Launceston, Forth & Hobart

The Dad’s have recently completed a successful self booked and self promoted interstate tour with shows in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Launceston & Hobart.
Full Biography
A simple idea born of fatherhood, friendship and music has flourished and taken shape.
A simple idea born of fatherhood, friendship and music has flourished and taken shape.

THE BAD DAD ORCHESTRA formed in mid-2015 from a concept devised by the band’s late guitarist Liam Guthrie. The 9-piece band quickly established themselves as a powerhouse of Tasmania’s live music scene. An export of the highest quality you can only expect from Tasmania’s island state.

With a traditional line-up, of guitars, bass & drums, a keyboard & 3-piece horn section THE BAD DAD ORCHESTRA brings big grooves, with snappy horn lines and catchy as hell vocals from front-man Jimi Steele. Critics have likened THE BAD DAD ORCHESTRA to the classic sounds of Australian pub- rock with a modern twist, whilst others have named it a unique brand of soul.

Since establishing, THE BAD DAD ORCHESTRA have gratefully featured on some of Tasmania’s most popular festival line-ups, including Falls Festival (Marion Bay), Party in the Paddock, Forth Valley Blues Festival, Junction Arts Festival, The Taste of Tasmania, Royal Eve, Festivale, The Great Huon Valley Festival, Bruny Island Blues & Roots Festival – most in successive years, and many more.

THE BAD DAD ORCHESTRA is building National attention following performances at 2018 MOJO BURNING (QLD), 2018 & 2019 EP tours across QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and TAS; and high-profile interstate appearances at BLUES ON BROADBEACH (May 2019), CALOUNDRA MUSIC FESTIVAL (October 2019 and 2021), QUEENSLCIFF MUSIC FESTIVAL (2022) and GIRRAKOOL MUSIC FESTIVAL (2023)

THE BAD DAD ORCHESTRA maintains a strong work ethic when it comes to writing and recording music; their 3 EPs – ‘Self-Titled’ (2016), ‘Go and Ask Your Mother’ (2017), and ‘Viva Le Bad Dad’ (2019), received extensive community radio and ABC regional radio airplay across Australia & New Zealand.

With a number of SOLD OUT shows under their belt, more festival bookings and plans to record their debut studio album, these nine Tasmanian Dads show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

It’s big, it’s bad and it’s Dad!!

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CD - Live at Earl Arts (Album)

CD - Live at Earl Arts (Album)


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Media Quotes

Luke Darcy - Triple M, Melbourne
I don’t know anything about the 8 blokes you’ve mentioned, but they’d be happy if nobody turns up to their gig. They’re away, they’re in Melbourne, they’re gonna have a good time no matter what.

Eddie McGuire - Triple M, Melbourne
There ya go. I hate to say it; is it a double header (when finding out the band are from Tasmania and playing in Melbourne).

Leo Bradney-George - Radio 2bbb, Bellingen
Love the sound! I'm looking forward to playing this on my show.

Zoe Cooney - Warp Magazine
Whoever says Dads can’t be cool has obviously never heard of The Bad Dad Orchestra.

Britt Andrews - Amnplify
Calling it early: The Bad Dad Orchestra are the band to beat today at PITP2017. Absolutely killing it on the main stage.

I was having too much fun filling my arms with treats and getting my dance on to the tunes of the Bad Dad Orchestra.

Caroline Gladstone - The Australian
Brace yourself for the Bad Dad Orchestra.

Check out our Film Clips and Other Vids

99 Pounds - Live 5:17
A cover of the song Ninety-Nine Pounds by Ann Peebles. Recorded and filmed live at an invite only show.
Sinking Blues 3:08
Sinking Blues - From the EP, Viva Le Bad Dad.
Get Outta Town - Live 6:32
Recorded and filmed live at Junction Arts Festival 2020.
Walkin' 3:54
Walkin' - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Trauma 3:59
Trauma - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Lion Toy 3:02
Lion Toy - From the EP, Go and Ask You Mother.
Want You 4:12
Want You - From our debut EP.
Acute Liver 03:23
Acute Liver - From our debut EP.
Birds of Prey - Live 4:18
Recorded and filmed live at an invite only show.
Trauma - Live 4:07
Recorded and filmed live at an invite only show.
Blues on Broadbeach Media Interview 0:36
An interview done by 3 dads after playing at Blues on Broadbeach 2019
Pre-Gig 'Dad Chant' 0:20
The traditional 'Dad Chant' done before each gig. Totally Dad!
EP Release 2:04
A silly video to promote the release of the "Viva Le Bad Dad" EP.
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