About the Dads
My dad is bigger than your dad. Part soul rock juggernaut, part blues brethren, part support group.

A simple idea born of friendship, beers and fatherhood has flourished and taken shape. Somehow a blend of big guitars, stiff horns and Hammond engineering, these 9 dads may well be on their way to procuring something that may just stand the test of vogue. The basic premise: a big band, big grooves, big boots... oh, and it helps if you're a dad to join.

So what’s a big band of dad’s got that she ain’t got? Well I’ll tell you right now. Hallowing vocals from front man Jimi Steele will leave you satisfied, drums that deliver a wall of concrete, yet subtle in time, guitars that are solid and rocking, keys that wrap around the notes, a horn section precise yet swinging and bass lines that are timeless. You heard right, this is one Bad Dad Orchestra.

Each member has done their fair share of touring locally, nationally and internationally, earning self-respect and a keen understanding of just what it takes to be successful at their chosen trade. These guys know how to write a song and they certainly know how to play them.

It’s hard to put a finger on their sound. I would say a cross between Tom Jones meets The Black Keys meets Tom Waits in a bathtub full of rock n soul, with Angus, and some 70’s swinging disco grooves. Thinking like this and you may be getting close, but enough of a comparison already.

This is just a taste of what is to come from these 9 bad dads, but it is certain that these guys are going places, and their next accomplishment will be to take you in and win you over as a fan and a friend.

This ain’t a knife fight, this is a dad fight
All songs written by the Bad Dad Orchestra.
Audio Recording
Big shout out to TasTAFE for the use of their wonderful recording studio and equipment. A huge thanks also to Laurence Maddy for his amazing work producing and recording our work.
Camera Operation
A big thanks to James Matuszek and Andy Del Vecchio for their great work on the Acute Liver, Trauma and Sinking Blues film clips.

All photos by Maayane Bouhnik, Karin Grant, Rose Tasker and Anne Ponsonby. Main photo by James Matuszek.

The Bad Dads are...

Jimi Steele

Jimi Steele Lead Vocals/Percussion

Jimi is the vocals. He has a voice that is to be reckoned with. A true showman on stage and a true lyricist that gives energy time after time. Some say his voice has more power than a Datsun 180b. Watch him live and you'll be hard pressed to be distracted.

Photo by Rose Ordinaire
Luke Young

Luke Young Drums

Luke is the drummer, one of the finest you will find. A true beat-smith. Tighter than a pop rivet pressed through high grade aeroplane steel. He keeps the grooves timeless and seamless and has a sixth sense of how the music should be played. A true spirit of the beat..

Photo by Rose Ordinaire
Elliot Courtnage

Elliot Courtnage Hammond/Vocals

Elliot plays the Hammond. He sweetens up the melodies with a total control that can only be described as subconscious. He’s not your average keyboard player. He is vibrant and boasts a mean-arse solo. A gifted musician and one of the best souls gracing the ebony and ivory..

Photo by Rose Ordinaire
Carl Treasure

Carl Treasure Guitar/Vocals

Carl is a lead guitarist, a songwriter and a true showman. A high kick to be reckoned with, he's sure to bring energy and heat when he graces the masses. A 110 percenter every gig, every rehearsal. This guy lives for music..

Photo by Rose Ordinaire
Lee Mallinson

Lee Mallinson Guitar

Mally is all about guitar, precise, accurate and immerses himself within every note. He plays with moustache and he plays it like his last stand. A solid performer with fingers like a gunslinger from the wild west.

Photo by Anne Ponsonby
Vince Walker

Vince Walker Bass Guitar

Vince plays the bass, he feels the bass, he is the bass. The bottom end of the spectrum where the subs sit. His uncanny ability to bring light and shade through his playing is infectious to the sound. He’s big, he's bass, he is bad. An unconventional player with a colossal passion for the band..

Photo by Karin Grant
Chris Bonner

Chris Bonner Trombone

Chris is the bone. The bottom of the top. A stiff sense of the trombone that has mastered this art, more like a ninja of the brass. He is smooth through the notes, fast and precise. A backbone in the horn section that is deep inside the grooves..

Photo by Rose Ordinaire
Shaun Dearing

Shaun Dearing Trumpet

Shaun plays the trumpet. A big band brother. He could blow a hole through concrete with his lips. He has chops and he has tone. The top end of the horns, he brings it all into perspective. He plays it how it's meant to be played and he plays it with swagger and stab..

Photo by Rose Ordinaire
Carl Bulow

Carl Bulow Tenor Sax

Carl is a master of the sax. A sexual airwave. His abilities are world class in the wind business. He blows a hard solo and backs it up with presence and form. A force in the band that is subtle yet forthcoming when the space opens up. A veteran of the saxophone he's a real man, a real player..

Photo by Rose Ordinaire

Liam Guthrie
1983 - 2017

During 2017, with extremely heavy hearts, we said goodbye to Liam Guthrie Ingram Pennicott. He was our founder and our heart that pumped brotherhood, insight, pure brilliance and most of all friendship into our band. He is wholeheartedly and completely irreplaceable and is truly an energy that we will have with us always. He had spark he had magic and he was a force to be reckoned with. Most of all, we love Liam and always will.

Rest In Peace brother. Fly high.




Liam Guthrie Rhythm Guitar

Liam is a songbird, an exceptional man of many shades. A backbone guitarist and a voice to backup the hysteria. He’s a solid and true player with showmanship on stage is one that's remembered and one that's unique.